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On behalf of the SIS (Senologic International Society) and PTBnRP (Polish Society for Breast Cancer Research) we cordially invite you to the 19th SIS World Congress on Breast Healthcare , which will be held in May 2016 in Warsaw.

Like our Orlando’s hosts we want to show dynamism and innovation of clinical and diagnostic breast health. Warsaw as vigorously growing city is perfectly suited to the task.

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XVII Congreso Latinoamericano de Mastología
Santo Domingo - República Dominicana
9 a 11 de Noviembre de 2017
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UICC World Cancer Congress
Paris - 31 Oct - 3 Nov 2016
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I Simpósio Internacional de Cáncer de mama
13-15 de Junio de 2016
San Jose - Costa Rica
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Breastanbul Congress
November 10-12,2016
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3rd ESO-ESMO Breast Cancer in Young Women International Conference (BCY3)
10/11/2016 - 12/11/2016, Lugano, Switzerland

Chair: O. Pagani, CH
Scientific Committe: H. Azim Jr, BE - F. Cardoso, PT - R. Dent, SG - S. Loibl, DE - S. Paluch-Shimon, IL - A.H. Partridge, US - F.A. Peccatori, IT

Breast cancer in young women is a complex disease, occurring when these women are at the peak of their reproductive years, family life and careers. Being a somewhat rare disease the optimal management of these patients is based on scientific data derived from clinical trials mostly conducted on older women. Many aspects of breast cancer in young women are therefore poorly understood (e.g. etiology and biology among others) and research is much needed in this field. In addition, young women have many years ahead of them to suffer the long-term effects of treatment or the consequences of recurrent disease. This third conference is a new opportunity for the latest updates on this field and a platform for generating future research concepts and collaborations. It will cover epidemiology, molecular biology, genetics, pathology, surgery, radiotherapy, systemic therapy, survivorship issues (e.g. fertility preservation, psychosocial needs) in young women with breast cancer.
It will also include a Consensus Session that will form the basis for a Consensus Guidelines manuscript to be published after the Conference.

• In depth learning and update of the scientific and clinical aspects of breast cancer in young women
• Highlight the importance of multi-disciplinary management and discuss difficult clinical cases
• Focus on clinical research priorities and future perspectives, involving patients’ advocates in setting the agenda
• Participate in the discussion of consensus guidelines

• Epidemiology of early and advanced disease
• Biology
• Hereditary breast cancer
• Diagnostic tools and challenges
• Loco-regional therapy
• Systemic therapy
• Psychosocial aspects and survivorship

The Conference is an ESO-ESMO joint event.
Furthermore, the BCY3 guidelines will be developed by ESO and ESMO
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19th SIS World Congress on Breast Healthcare

May 5-8, 2016 | Warsaw, Poland

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